Arty arty arty. Carol Christian Poell. Eine Anekdote

Einer, der stets ein wenig neben Helmut Lang (wohl unter anderem wegen seiner Marketingfähigkeiten) unterging, war Carol Christian Poell. Ein österreichischer Designer, der heute in Mailand lebt und ab und zu in unorthodoxen Modeschauen seine Kollektionen zeigt…

In 2003, New Yorker critic Judith Thurman visited a fashion show hosted by Austrian designer Carol Christian Poell. She was in for a surprise.

“The invitation was a salmon-colored factory time card stamped with an hour – seven in the evening – and an address that puzzled my driver: ‘Alzaia Naviglio Grande Under Bridge Viale Cassala [in Milan].’ The Naviglio Grande is the largest of the natural canals that flow through and beneath the industrial neighborhood where Poell has his studio, and which is the oldest part of the city. By the time we found the spot, the sun looked like a melon. A youthful crowd had assembled along the iron railing that protects the steep embankment. There was no evidence of a runway. There were no assistants in black, no security personnel talking into headsets, no publicist with a seating chart – indeed, no seating. The water, which was pale green and surprisingly clear, though flecked with wisps of straw, reflected a skyful of Tintoretto clouds. ‘Dov’e la sfilata?’ people were asking – where’s the show?

“Then, to universal amazement, we beheld – drifting lazily down the canal – two red boots, a white shirt, a pair of dark trousers. They were followed by a boy dressed in a thick vest of what looked like russet-colored steel wool. He lay supine and motionless, his limbs outstretched, his perfectly calm face framed by the swirling mass of his hair. There were sixteen of his fellow-volunteers to come. Though the clothes were soggy and a little blurred, one read them – as the current turned the page – like the hand-colored images in some mildewed yet marvellous old book. Poell’s idea was so poetic that the magical buoyancy of bodies and clothes (kept from sinking by an invisible flotation device) leapt the banks and infected the audience with a fit of joy. It didn’t matter, I thought, what the collection looked like on a hanger or in a shop, because the show had performed a feat that is rare enough in theatre or art and practically unheard of in fashion. It surprised a group of people with an emotion they hadn’t been expecting to feel. That is how a child experiences a sensual revelation, and how it is transformed into a memory of being happy. ‘Everybody follows fashion,’ Poell told me later. ‘But change goes against the stream.'”


Get some Shopping-Philosophy…

“In the end, I believe we make very few choices in our lives. And there seems to be a metaphysical connection between intimate objects and people. When you buy a piece, did you make that choice, or did the piece call out to you and draw you in?”

- Karen Erickson, Schmuckdesignerin in Harper’s Bazaar Juni/Juli 2011

why we are here…

Aus der tiefsten Ecke meines sarkastischen Herzens bin ich allergisch gegen inspirierende Reden und Texte. Heute mache ich eine Ausnahme, als ich den EDITOR’S LETTER von NOT JUST A LABEL im Maileingang gefunden habe…

“We feel it is fantastic that the Internet is finally being used to its potential and to break the old habits of the fashion industry. We know there is huge opportunity and the spotlight needs to be put on the young artists in every creative industry. It seems everyone wants a piece of the action to call his own. This should not be a feud. Not us against them, but all together as one, working for what we believe in, working, not for ourselves but for the talent we support. Things need to change. This unhealthy, static behaviour counteracts the innovation and creativity we have all founded platforms on.”

- Stefan Siegel

Smoking kills!

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There’s something luxurious about having a girl light your cigarette.  In fact, I got married once on account of that.

- Harold Robbins

Foto/Credit: MD Model Management, Model: Daria

“It seems like the shoe is really the fetish item that has taken the place of the it-bag. It´s all about ´Who has the sickest shoe?´”

- Mickey Boardman (Paper Magazine). Source

Zitate der Woche

- Matt Damon über Sarah Palin:
“I think there is a really good chance that Sarah Palin could be president and I think that´s a really scary thing.” (Quelle: CBS on youtube)

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– Tatjana Patitz, die selber eine Modelcasting-Show plant, über Heidi Klum´s “Germany´s next topmodel”:
“Ich bin auch aus einem Wettbewerb hervorgegangen. Wenn ich so behandelt worden wäre wie in diesen Staffeln, dann wäre ich nie Model geworden.” (Quelle: Flair, September-Ausgabe)

– Mickey Rourke erzählt wie er vom Regisseur für seinen neuen Film “The Wrestler” angeheuert wurde:
“He sat there and said… ´You´re a great actor, but you just fucked up your whole career for fifteen years and nobody wants to hire you. You gonne have to listen to everything I tell you. You have to do everything I say and you never disrespect me. And you can´t go out, hanging out all night.´” (Quelle: AP, youtube)

Julia and her Heels….

“High Heels sind nicht dafür gemacht bequem zu sein. Wenn man das mal kapiert hat, geht es ganz gut.”

- Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

Wie Coco schon sagte….

“Die Mode muss sterben, damit der Handel leben kann!”

Also stürzt euch ins langersehnte Sale-Wochenende, Mädels! :)